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With the Beating Hearth, you can expect to go from knowing nothing about Celtic DADGAD guitar to accompanying tunes with other people within 6 weeks.

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With expert guidance, set your own personal goals and create a clear and accomplishable path that will lead you to become a great Celtic guitarist.

Be assured of staying on track, asking all the questions you need, with your own remote guitar mentor.

Gain the skills and confidence you have always wanted and avoid getting stuck in a rut as you learn through the Beating Hearth’s system of completing manageable sections; earning badges; and gaining entrance to honorary “clans”.

Become expertly knowledgeable of the whole Celtic music scene by belonging to the Beating Hearth’s private community of professional mentors and experienced and passionate players.

Through the Beating Hearth’s unique combination of mentorship and community, be confident that you will become an all round better musician who is able to play Celtic music with anyone. Anywhere.

Its been so amazing…I didn’t know anything about jigs when I started this challenge…When I think back over the weeks….since we stated this course …..it has enriched my life tremendously. And my husband’s too. THANK YOU!

Kate Adams on the 6 Week JIGS MADE EASY Challenge

There are only 3 things you need to join in a Celtic session like the one above:




The Beating Hearth gives you ALL THREE through



Meet other musicians

Connect with like-minded people

Play with others

Feel valued

Experience great joy

Belong in the Celtic scene

 Master skills clearly and fully

Enjoy achieving goal after goal

Become expertly knowledgeable

Feel supported, motivated and inspired

Gain essential confidence

Become a great Celtic musician

Our free assessment process will help you discover what stage of playing you are at now and guide you to set achievable goals based on the guitarist you want to be.

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