The Beating Hearth Community


Celtic music is meant to be played, learned and experienced with people.

The Beating Hearth Network provides the essential community element that will motivate and inspire you to become a successful and confident Celtic musician.


Start your journey towards confident playing today:

Receive a free assessment of your musical journey so far and set your goals tto become an inspiring Celtic guitarist.

A private online community where you can connect with and learn from other likeminded musicians through specific Celtic based topics.

The ability to direct message one another and find people nearby to play with in person.

Access to premium courses so that you can quickly and steadily gain ALL the skills and confidence you need to play with others.

Access to events such as online workshops, concerts, retreats, and Q&A sessions, so that you can easily experience all that the Celtic scene offers.

All Mentorship Plans include access to the Beating Hearth Community.

The Beating Hearth Community is filled with people who love the Celtic music scene.

Most are learning how to play Celtic music so that they can enjoy playing in sessions, with friends, in bands, or even along with their favourite recordings.

In Beating Hearth Mentorship Plans, the community keeps you on track; gives you feedback and encouragement; reveals things you would never find out by yourself; and plays a huge part in making sure your playing skills and confidence keep progressing steadily. 

In short, with the Beating Hearth community, you will quickly find yourself playing the music you love with others.

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