The Beating Hearth Mentorship

The Beating Hearth is an thriving hub where you will gain the confidence and skills you need to play Celtic music with others. 

Beating Hearth Mentorship Plans make the challenge of learning Celtic guitar possible through the Step by Step Session Method and direct contact with your mentor and other learners.

This community of mentors and learners surrounds the learning content and provides the constant encouragement and motivation you need to finally stay on track this time. At last, you will see yourself sitting around the table, experiencing the thrill and joy of playing jigs and reels with others.

Select one of the two mentorship plans below, to discover what a plan includes.

Learning by yourself is difficult and often the reason why you get stuck in a rut or simply give up.


At the Beating Hearth, you are surrounded by a network of other, passionate musicians who want to learn how to play as much as you do.


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To find out if the Great Glen Way or West Highland Way is the best Beating Hearth path for you to gain the skills and confidence you need to get #sessionready, begin your Free Assessment today.